Starting School

New Entrants

Parents are welcome to make an appointment to visit the school and meet the Principal prior to your child starting school.

Pre-schoolers are encouraged to have four school visits before their starting date. These visits are on Wednesdays from 9.00 - 10.30 am. Please be aware that the normal daily programme is likely to be slightly altered to accommodate our visitors. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask the classroom teacher, the office staff or the Principal.

School Hours

The school day is 9.00 am to 3.00 pm. Morning tea break is 10.30 – 10.50am and lunchtime is 12.30 – 1.30 pm. All the children sit and eat lunch for the first ten minutes of the lunch break and continue to be supervised by teachers on lunch time duty in the playground.

It is very important that children are at school and ready to start the day when the bell rings at 9am. When the bell rings the roll is taken and the expectations for the day are established. At 9.10am the children go out with their class for fitness.


Every morning the whole school takes part in a fitness session which lasts about 15 minutes. This is a wonderful way for all children to be together at the beginning of the day and to get the school day started. Fitness activities iclude Jump Jam (aerobics), cross country, running, skipping (a rope can be purchased from the school office) and fitness circuits, amongst others. We welcome parents and pre-schoolers taking part in the activities, but please respect the fact that fitness is part of the school day and that there may not be times when it is appropriate or safe for pre-schoolers to take part. This is the decision of the teacher in charge of the activity.

                                                               Litterless Lunch Boxes

We are a school that upholds education for sustainabilty. We are also a registered WasteWise school. The children are encouraged to keep the amount of litter they bring to school to a minimum- please do not use cling wrap or plastic packaging unless absolutely necessary. Some ideas to help create litterless lunch boxes are:

     Use lunch boxes with lots of compartments.

     Use small re-usable containers.

     Wrap food in kitchen paper or paper towels.

     Buy in bulk and divide into smaller portions instead of buying multipacks.

     Fruit such as bananas and mandarins come pre-wrapped and the waste is great for the worm farm.

     Fill re-useable drink bottles with water rather than buying juice cartons.


Please ensure during term 1 and term 4 your child brings a named hat to school every day, or leaves one at school. The sun is really fierce in summer by 10.30am and all heads need protection. We have a range of quality, durable sunhats and caps which include the school logo that can be purchased from the school office.

Swimming And Use Of The School Pool

During the summer children have regular swimming instruction as part of their school day. It is an important part of the curriculum and it is essential that children bring a note of explanation if they are unable to take part. The only reason for a child not swimming should be medical.

We also want our pool to be an asset to the community. For $70 you and your family can enjoy use of the pool over the summer months.