Activities Your Child Can Get Involved In

 Term 1
 Term 2
 Term 3
Term 4

Band Auditions

Kapa Haka and Choir Enrolments

Sailing (year 5-6)

Cross Country (8-10 years of age)

Interschool Swimming (year 3-6)

Krypton Factor (year 3-6)

Junior Choir Enrolments

Rippa Rugby (year 3-6)

Gymnastics (year 3-6)

Saturday Netball (year 2-6)

Junior Choir Enrolments

Soccer (year 4-6)

Hockey (year 4-6)

Saturday Netball (year 2-6)

One Day Netball (year 4-6)

Junior Choir Enrolments

Flipperball (year 3-6)

Sailing (year 5-6)


Sleepover (year 3-4)


Playball for Term 3

Playball is a sport and movement program for 2-8 year olds. The main objective of Playball is to provide children with the opportunity to develop a host of necessary social, educational and personal skills.


During term 1 Playball is offered as an extra-curricular activity for year 0-3 students. Classes will take place in the school hall at lunchtime and run for 8 weeks. Classes start on Monday 27th July.
Fees: $92.00 for 8 weeks. Families of 2 or more children receive a 10% discount.


To enroll your child/children for Playball, sign up online at: (Click on Find A Class).
or email James at




 Music Education Centre’s Programme

Woodlands Park School places great importance on music and the performing arts.  We regularly notice that students who get involved in music improve in all fields of learning.   In addition to our school’s core music, we are pleased to offer our students the option of specialist instrumental instruction through the Music Education Centre’s programme.  Students take individual lessons on their chosen instrument - Violin; Piano/Keyboard and Flute - with one of the centre’s expert tutors, at school during the school day.  Parents are invoiced for the lessons on a term by term basis.  To enrol or for more information contact the Music Education Centre on 0800 89 39 39 or complete the online enquiry form at

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