School News and Events

The Nukes

The Nukes performed for the whole school and to some visitors from local Kindies who were invited to share the occasion with us. They were super cool!

They also held a workshop with our own Ukelele players beforehand and incorporated them into the show.  Such fame...hopefully fortune will follow.


Transport from the Past

As part of our Travelwise Week we were lucky enough to have a visit from a bike collector. 

As you can see from the photos he had lots of very interesting bikes for us to look at and he gave us some demonstrations on how to ride some of them!


Beach Education at Piha

Each class at Woodlands Park has had the opportunity to participate in the Beach Education Programme run by Surf Life Saving Northern Region.  It has given an opportunity for everyone to:

  • Have fun
  • Become aware of how to use beaches safely
  • Become sun smart
  • Learn new skills and experience water based activities
  • Become familiar with surf safety rules
  • Be able to recognise dangers at the beach
  • Recognise rescue equipment and see how it is used
  • Partake in a programme run by qualified lifeguard instructors
  • Learn about the junior lifeguard programmes and activities provided by Surf Life Saving Clubs in our area.

Children are returning from Piha enthused and full of wonderful stories of how big/frothy/powerful/hug/wicked/ginormous the waves were and how much they loved the experience.

Thank you so much to everyone who was involved...we couldn't have done it without you.

I'm A Turkey!
 We couldn't believe our luck when we discovered that  another visiting author was coming to our school. Imagine our excitement when we heard it was none other than the author of one of our favourite stories:- Baa Baa Smarty Pants!
Yes, Mark Sommerset gave up his time to read us stories and to talk to the children about his writing process.
Watch out for those smarty tablets!

Visiting Author

We held a very special event  for our junior children this term because we had the great pleasure to welcome local NZ author Janet Martin and her partner Davyd to our school. Janet read some of her stories to us including Louie The Tui Learns To Sing, Molly The Morepork And The Lost Campers, Noah The Moa as well as Joe The Kakapo. It was a real treat to hear the stories being read by the actual author! The children were also able to join in with the stories as they could sing choruses to the stories while Davyd played his ukelele.




Visit to School from Kevin Biggar

Some of us were lucky enough to enjoy a visit from Kevin Biggar who is one of the 'NZ First Crossing' TV presenters, a winner of the 5000 mile Transatlantic Rowing Race as well as holding the record for the longest unsupported trek to the South Pole with his TV co-presenter!

He had lots of wonderful and inspirational tales to tell and his messages about goal setting and achievement certainly were very powerful.