Scholastic Books and Scholastic Book Fair

Scholastic is an international children’s book publisher.  They have been in NZ for over 50 years!

You can buy books for your family through the Scholastic Book Club.

The Book Club brochure comes out twice a term.  Scholastic now have an ALL AGES, NEW ALL-IN-ONE brochure.

You can look at the brochures on the Scholastic website:                        

For every order the school puts in, our school library gets free books!   



Scholastic Book Fair

Every year our school holds a Scholastic BOOK FAIR.  It is like having our own mini shop set up in our library.  We always hold it on the same week as Parent-Teacher Interviews, so parents can come and have a look while they are here.  Once again, for every purchase families make, our school library gets a percentage of free library books.