Frequently Asked Library Questions


When is our Library Open?
Our library is open every day for class use. Each class has at least one scheduled session to change books and develop library skills. We are also open every lunch time from 1 – 1.30pm for students to come in and ... read books, return books and borrow new ones, play games, browse new books on display, get help searching for a particular book/author/series/topic, look at books about the term’s inquiry, snuggle up on the cushions in a sunny spot and read some more!


Who helps run our Library?
Kate Richards is our Librarian. Kate looks after all the books - old and new - because she knows how special they are. Kate also likes buying NEW books that she enters into our equally new Library management software called Access-it. We also have a huge number of keen and very helpful student librarians.


How many books can we borrow?
Years 0-2 children can borrow two books at a time.
Years 3-6 can borrow up to four books.


Why do children need book bags?
Book bags are so important. They help to protect our books - from leaking drink bottles and leftover lunch! You can buy library bags from the school office for $13.


How long can we borrow books for?
Up to two weeks. Classes visit the library every week and children are encouraged to change their books every week. They can also return and borrow books during lunchtimes.


What happens if we lose or damage a book?
If you can’t find a book, the first thing we ask you to do is have another really good look – at home, in the car, in the class library, on the school library shelves. Try to remember where you last saw it. Sometimes books can end up back in the Library without being returned on the computer, so don’t be afraid to come and ask. If you still can’t find it, or it’s been chewed by a pet or your baby brother, or had drink spilled on it, we ask you to pay the replacement cost, so we can buy a new book for other children to enjoy!


Can we recommend books for the library?
Yes!  Please do! Let us know what books you love to read and if we don’t already have them we will see if we can buy them for our library. You are welcome to email your requests to Kate at