Vision and Values

How they will be reflected in students leaving our school

Children at Woodlands Park School will aim high and tackle challenges in the knowledge that learning is not always easy or quick. They will strive to achieve to the best of their abilities. Their sense of belonging will contribute to a deep understanding of their place in the world.They will be proud to be who they are and to be a student of this school.

Inquiry and creativity
Children will be able to question critically, find and evaluate information and relate it to their own lives. They will be curious and creative. Children at this school will persevere in their endeavours, be resilient and innovative. They will know that taking risks is an important part of exploring possibilities.
The children of Woodlands Park School will be kind, respectful of and tolerant towards all others. They will show sensitivity towards others’ cultures. They will uphold individuality, whilst working as a team. They will value and appreciate others and celebrate diversity.

Children will demonstrate a sense of right and wrong and of fairness. They will stand up for what they believe is right in an appropriate manner and will protect others’ rights.

Community and participation
They will have confidence to try different things, knowing that mistakes are part of learning. They will participate in and contribute to a variety of groups: in the classroom, at school, within their families, in the wider community.

Ecological sustainability
Children at this school will show a concern for and commitment to protecting the environment.  They will have an understanding of how ecological principles can be put into practice in their own lives. They will know that they can make a difference.

Responsibility and honesty
They will be honest and will have a strong sense of personal responsibility. They will demonstrate integrity and high moral standards.

Woodlands Park School will ...

•  Be recognised as a centre for excellence in education, focusing on children knowing how to learn
•  Provide the scope for children to learn within real life contexts wherever possible
•  Be a role model as an eco-friendly school with strong links to the local environment
•  Have a range of ICT facilities used to enhance teaching and learning

•  Strengthen relationships between the school, families and the wider community
•  Utilise the unique position of the school within the Waitakere Ranges to optimise facilities for the school community.
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