School Profile

While most of our children come from the local community, approximately 25% travel from the surrounding areas, attracted by the size and atmosphere of the school and its location. The school roll has grown recently and continues to do so at 400 students.

Major ethnic groups in the school are New Zealand European 81%, Maori 5%, Pasifica 1%, British 8% and other 5%. Woodlands Park has an experienced teaching staff with a strong collegial atmosphere. Staff and students are supported by a skilled and dedicated Board of Trustees.

The school charter was developed by the elected Board of Trustees in consultation with children and parents in the school community and with staff. This consultation has included Maori whanau. The Bo
ard of Trustees periodically reviews the Charter, with input from the community.

Educational Goals

Woodlands Park children will receive an education that:

•  Builds on needs
•  Respects dignity
•  Challenges them to achieve personal standards of excellence
•  Encourages them to reach their full potential
•  Supports them in taking responsibility for their own learning
•  Sets the foundation to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes for future learning.

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