Privacy Policy and Procedures

Woodlands Park School seeks to promote and protect individual privacy with regard to the collection, use and disclosure of information relating to individuals and access by each individual to information relating to that individual.


Online Publication Procedures

The Online Publication Procedures should be read in conjunction with the Privacy Policy.


Curriculum Delivery Policy

The board of trustees fosters student achievement by providing balanced curriculum in accordance with the national Ministry of Education curriculum statements.


Special Education and Special Needs Policy

Our school is committed to promoting inclusive learning programmes to support students with special education needs to encourage them to enable them to reach their full potential as individuals.


Reporting to Parents Policy

The Board of Trustees, with the principal and teaching staff, is required to report twice a year in plain language to students and their parents on the student’s progress and achievement.


Behaviour Management Policy

At Woodlands Park School we believe in a positive approach to behaviour management to ensure the children will be better able to manage their own mistakes peacefully and successfully.


Child Protection Policy and Procedures

Woodlands Park School’s policy on child protection is to ensure that the interests and the safety of the child remain paramount.


Concerns and Complaints Policy

This policy and its associated procedures are required to ensure complaints and concerns are dealt with fairly, with due seriousness and with a degree of uniformity.  


Health and Safety Policy and Procedures

Woodlands Park School will take all practicable steps to ensure the school provides an environment that is both safe and healthy for its students, employees, visitors and contractors.


Parents in the Classroom Procedures

We want all parents to feel welcome in our school. A positive working relationship between parents and teachers is beneficial from both an educational and professional perspective. Talk to your child’s teachers about how and when you can best help.


Physical Contact with Children Policy

This policy and its procedures seek to maintain the safety and emotional and physical well-being of children and staff alike.


Surrender and Retention of Property and Searches Policy

This policy seeks to enhance the health and safety of Woodlands Park School for staff and students and to ensure students are not subjected to unreasonable search and seizure processes in the school. 


Financial Management Policy

This policy directs the school’s financial resources towards achieving the objectives and goals as set out in the charter and strategic plan and to maintain accountability for, and control of, the school’s financial resources.