Plans and Reports

The Ministry of Education's NAG 2, (National Achievement Guidelines 2) requires that boards of trustees, with the principal and staff, develop a charter and strategic plan which documents how they are giving effect to the National Education Guidelines through their policies, plans and programmes, including those for curriculum, National Standards, assessment and staff professional development.

Updating the charter occurs annually when annual report data, (including analysis of variance data) is gathered, analysed and used to set annual aims and targets for the following year.

Every year the board of trustees reviews the charter and strategic plan to ensure the hopes and aspirations contained in the charter are still relevant to the school, its students and the community. To achieve this all key stakeholders, being parents, whanau, iwi and the students themselves, are invited to review the strategic plan and charter and make submissions for consideration in the strategic plan to the address below.


ERO Report

This Education Review Office Report provides an evaluation of how effectively the school’s curriculum promotes student learning, engagement, progress and achievement.


Annual Development Plan 2014

The Annual Development Plan sets out aims, directions, objectives, priorities and targets relating to student outcomes, the school's performance and use of resources. It also sets targets and key activities and achievement objectives for the year.


Board Talk Term 2 2014

Board Talk is a publication of the school board of trustees. It contains general information from the board in relation to governance issues that may be of interest to all parents and community members.


Safe School Travel Plan: Baseline Survey Report May 2014

A school community-wide survey of parents highlighting a range of concerns in relation to access to the school from contributing roads.