About the Trustees





Joanne Lang

I have had the privilege of serving on the Woodlands Park School Board of Trustees for seven years with five of those years as Chairperson. I believe we live in a fantastic area and our local school is a vital part of this community, one that needs the input of local people to ensure that we have the best possible platform for our children to start and continue their education.

My family have lived in this area for over 40 years and I began my school life at Woodlands Park School. We have two children; Brody is now attending Glen Eden Intermediate and Ty who is in Year 5. Outside work I enjoy taking them to their various sporting activities where, I’m proud to say, the opportunity to live their dreams started at Woodlands Park School.

I feel I will add value to the Board with my skills, experience and passion for Woodlands Park School. I have been involved with the progression over the years of the new classrooms being built, Beyond GreenGold, monitoring the curriculum achievement of the school, policies and procedures, consulting with the school community, health and safety and the planning stages of the amazing playground yet to come, to name just a few. I soundly support Woodlands Parks foundation document being ‘The Charter’ which sets out the vision, mission, values and strategic plan.

Throughout the years on the Board I have seen many changes but I am still dedicated to ensuring the children at Woodlands Park School obtain an education that not only stretches them academically but also supports their interest in sport and cultural achievements. I firmly believe that every student and staff of Woodlands Park School deserves the opportunity to realise their potential. So for me it’s about creating a challenging but friendly environment where the children thrive on all levels; academic, creative and personal, and become valuable assets to the community with excellent values and zest for life.
I am putting myself up for re election as I believe strongly in maintaining the values of this school. If re-elected I would continue to work hard as part of an effective team in providing a safe and enjoyable learning environment for our students.



Karen Ellis: Staff Trustee

I feel very honoured to be elected the staff trustee representative on the board of trustees and to be working alongside the dedicated and talented teachers at Woodlands Park School. This is my 8th year at Woodlands Park  and everyday I reflect in some way on what an amazing school this is; our community, our children, our environment and our staff.

As a trustee I offer my commitment to contributing to discussion, thought and actions that will help with the govenance of our school. Always endeavouring to retain the sense of community and family whilst offering the best opportunites for our children to grow and learn in their/our rapidly changing world.
As staff trustee I offer my commitment to bringing the voice of our staff to board meetings and decision making.



Mark Bogusz

I have been a member of the Board of Trustees since my election in 2013. It has given me great pleasure to serve the school in this way and I am hoping to continue providing assistance in the areas of finance and policy development, especially as they relate to investing in student achievement and wellbeing.

I enjoy governance, policy, managing risk and financial stewardship, and put this down to my professional training and qualification as a Management Accountant.

For me to serve on the Board is just as much about preserving the great things about this School that drew our family to it in the first place, than it is about making any improvements.




Marion Doherty

I am the mother of Daniel . Our family has loved all the time we have been connected to this school and the support we have had from Liz, the teachers and the community. I want to stand for the Board of Trustees as a chance to give something back.

I have worked for 13 years in a government agency with children and families and I have a good knowledge of the community services and agencies that support schools. I have been on the Board of a community agency for two years and I was also the secretary for the Woodlands Park Community Kindy board.

I am passionate about our children continuing to receive the amazing well-rounded education that they get at Woodlands Park and seeing all children get access to what they need to learn. I think one of the strengths of our school is the well-thought out policies and processes that are in place. For example, the no tolerance approach and policies around managing bullying are very robust (and they do not always happen in other schools). I also think that our school is very considered and thoughtful about how to make education policies work best for our children and our community and I am keen to assist in any way I can with this work.




Megan Fitter

Like most parents I want the best for my two girls, Mischa who is in Year 6 and Edee who is Year 3, I also believe that all children should feel secure at school and learn in the very best environment possible which is why I put my name forward to serve on the Board of Trustees. I am passionate about the value of education and that transparency and school-whanau partnerships achieve optimum outcomes.

At Woodlands Park we should continue to strive for the best foundation our children need to continue their further education well prepared. I want them to come home inspired by their school experiences, to develop a range of academic, personal and social skills that will enable them to succeed in their chosen pathway.

Our family values are based on a commitment to service within the community, I enjoy being part of local environmental issues and have been an active PTA member for the past three years. With my background in company administration and logistics I hope to bring to the board expertise in strategic planning and project management. I would describe myself as confident with a calm disposition, I like working in a team environment and my approachable and positive manner establishes excellent working relationships with a wide range of people.

I intend to work diligently and with integrity, I offer my commitment to support the school and represent the best interests of the children, caregivers, and teachers.




Rachael Trotman

My partner Teina and I have two daughters (aged six and five) who attend Woodlands Park School. We have been living in Woodlands Park since August 2014, after six years in Glen Eden.

I work as a social researcher and evaluator and am Director of a company called WEAVE (website in development). As well as research and evaluation, I do group facilitation, mentoring and advisory work for a wide range of organisations.

I was co-opted onto the Board in 2015 and elected to the Board in 2016. I am passionate about our school being fun, welcoming, caring, safe and providing a wonderful learning environment for all of our children.